Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 122

Still 201.2 and REFS YOU SUCK! WHAT BUS HIT LAST NIGHT! My face is thinner. Any way I now have better angles at taking my face so it doesn't look so fat. There were no angles before I just looked fat no matter what.

201.2.... Ok so still pretty fat but there is now less of me to love, 37 pounds less of me. I can put my 14s on and zip them, breathing not so much. Goal to shoot for breathing in my jeans with the zipper zipped! I have lots of lovely 18s and 16s to wear till that magical event happens.

I wish I felt better. I've got a sinus infection and it is dragging me a bit down. I have these lovely horse pills to take with food twice a day. Greek yogurt and pro-biotics are going to be my friends till they are all gone, hopefully my infection with them! I've got to get this house in-order for Courtney's graduation party....

now to decide if Zumba will energize me or just take all the energy I have.... I'd like to be 190 by the end of the month :) but I'll take 195 and be happy or happy-ish .... guess I should Zumba.

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