Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Story behind the wedding pics

Well, of course Jim & I got married...LOL! the pic of the groom's men playing on nursery equipment was taken because they were playing on the equipment the photographer thought it was pretty funny so he snap pics that way. We have a formal ones too...the photographer didn't get the bride and brides maids doing shots before going down the isle...Shame on us in Methodist Church too! LOL! I was so nervous I was shaking. You can see it in the wedding video My roses dancing all over the place!

I had a maid and matron of honor because I could not pick between my high BF and college BF. They are the ones with flowers in their hair. Nadene and Jody. We are still in touch though I rarely get to see them.

I was so sick the day of my wedding by the end I'd totally lost my voice and was running a fever. Poor Jim wasn't feeling much better! alcohol helped... By the time that pic with me and beer was taken the reception was almost over. My make up had given out and I was so tired! to tell The honest truth I really don't remember much about the day it went by in a blur! I'm glad I have pictures and video to prove it really happened or I might think I dreamed it...LOL!

jim did say just the right thing to me about me coming down the isle. He said I took his breath away. Doesn't every bride want to hear that?

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vtpuggirl said...

That's a sweet thing to say! I enjoyed your wedding photo album in the last post too!