Sunday, May 24, 2009

Off to Governor's School!

Brag time for mom! Courtney was chosen to to be part of the 2009 Governor's school. This is a very competitive honor. You have to meet some very high standards. This particular class had an average GPA of 3.85. Jim and I joked we wondered who brought the average down since Courtney is over a 4.0 with weighted classes. All these kids were the cream of the state. presidents of their FFA, 4H, or active in school etc. Really good group of kids. They all get to be SkyHawks for 4 weeks! College kids! six credit hours for free!The program seems like it is going to be excellent. The description of the classes made me want to go! The trips they get to go on are very cool Chicago and St. Louis. This Governor's school is the only one that takes trips. It has some major sponsors. I don't think Courtney knows how incredibly lucky she is.

We've got a few kind of home sick texted. That is a FIRST. But I think once the classes and things are in full swing she'll be just fine. Right now is rough.her boyfriend, Nima just got on a plane to Chicago then after that he is going to California for the summer to be with his father's family. I think that is sinking in, plus she is practically joined at the hip with her BFF, Kori. She going to miss her terribly. And her ex Jesse to for that matter. They still are close friends. BUT I think if she gives it a chance, and the people a chance she'll grow to love it. At least I hope so!
one thing negative... They keep the dorms so COLD. I swear you could hang meat in those dorms! Poor girls wants more blankets! I don't blame her! maybe shipping her some warmer clothes!


CB said...

What a fantastic experience! I'll bet you once she gets busy she'll be fine. How are you doing - missing her yet?

Kate said...

Nope, not missing her. Pretty use to her going way during the summer either on a trip or at camp.