Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cleaning Bug Spreads

My closet was supposed to be next, but Courtney ask to have nima spend the weekend here since they won't get to see each other for about two months. So the guest bedroom because a priority.

I swear I don't know how it gets this way! We have a tendence to use it as a wrapping area/storage area around Christmas. It just snowballs.

This time I had a little help from Courtney. She swept the entire up stairs, and the guest room once it was pretty much cleared out. Now it is at least ready for summer company! the closet is next...GROAN!

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Willa said...

So, you like Coldwater Creek too! Gee that bed spread looks familiar. We have one like it in our "guest" room! Thanks Grandma! I need you to come help me finish off Anya's room....its a bit scary in the back corner - I wouldn't even want to take a "before" picture of it! It took me 2 days to clear out 2/3 of the room including scrubbing down the walls! Yikes!