Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All about Yesterday!

If you've been following my blog you know I've been cleaning the disaster area known as my scrapbook/craft/computer room. I'm hoping by the end of the month to have it all in order PRESENTABLE. Plus sorted out so I know what I have and I use my storage to better advantage. When we moved 5 years ago I just sort of dump things where they should go. In my defense at the time I was barely scrapping. The whole convention business had blown up into one big law suit headache. I'm now pretty much over it. But for a year or two I just could be reminded of the whole thing so I just left it. I did start scrapping. But all the convention left overs I haven't touched. I need the space it's gotta go! I want a fabulous functioning area to be proud of and be creative!

To be fair to ME not all this CRAP was mine in the computer area. It has been cleaned out more than once in the past. Lots of home work stuff, boxes for gadgets & programs of hubby dears. CDs and DVDs... a family mess...

This is what I got done yesterday.




Right before I was to leave for Katie's band concert my leg started itching like fury! I knew without looking I broke another vein in my leg. I had a lovely raise hard purple lump. Charming! it looks much better now and feels better too. I still have a grand bruise though to show for it. This is a morning after photo.

Katie's Spring Band concert was last night. I got horrible pictures. I should have got posed ones after the concert was over. Oh well! CMS bands were for the most part very good. The only part that was bad was one of the band directors is over fond of his own voice... OK the man is a wind bag! But the kids were AWESOME! The only fair picture I got. It was at the end when all of the bands went up to play the themes of the arm forces. You can't even see her saxophone. But I got the red eye out. The original picture she looked a lot like a demon...ROFL!


Jen Martakis said...

Your space is looking amazing! I bet it feels awesome! I love when I get things organized. You poor thing. Your leg looks really sore. ow!

You are welcome to send your friend my way. I just started doing digital but would be happy to help! You can send her to my blog and/or here's my email addy... jmartakis@hotmail.com

happydays525 said...

Ditto on the space looking amazing, way to go! Ouch about your leg though!

MollyPeckham said...

your space is looking amazing!!!!! I hope your leg feels better soon!!!!

Audrey said...

wow -- great job on the desk! and I hear ya on the chatty band director -- must be a common thing, as ours is the same way!

Sandie said...

Oh... proud Mommy moment! The last concert that My son did (he doesn't play music... he wants to be Tom Brokaw, so the highschool sends him everywhere to Host/MC)... I got the same shots. I kick myself that i didn't pose some after. You've inspired me to attack my room. It's horrorland. It looks great. Awesome job, girl