Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still Re-Organizing/Cleaning


Neater but not quite up to standard.I still need to find some decorative boxes to put stuff in rather than the cardboard moving boxes. Those plastic containers are totally empty. I'm thinking they might be a big help when I move to doing Jim's and my closet. I have one little section above the cabinets to finish! Then superficially the room will look presentable. Sorting everything out, and organizing it will take some time. I have a devil of a time letting go of stuff I bought. Seems like such a waste of money! Plus I've found I do use things I've horded since 1996. I need to get rid of swap things I'll never use. We all have them, if we've been scrapping long enough. Stuff from swaps you'd never in a million years put on one of your pages. Things people made not quite up to par or not your taste. I have a stack of paper dolls and paper piecings I'll never use. The people worked hard on them so I feel bad. That is why I don't do embellishment swaps any more. I wonder how many of the things I made wound up in the trash. Oh well! They are going to have to GO! Sorry!

And Finished!


amy said...

wow looks great. it's fun to see before & afters!

CB said...

Your photos are motivating me to get stuff cleaned up for moving - keep them coming! No word on where we are moving yet - probably won't know til early June.

Anonymous said...

wow...looks great! Nice progress pics :)

TraceyT said...

Yay for you. It feels so good to get projects like this off the list.