Thursday, May 21, 2009

Front beds are DONE!

Jim worked his behind off to get fresh mulch in them. I've been trimming bushes the past few weeks. With all the rain they are growing like crazy! I think I'm DONE, and they grow again!It almost makes me wish for the heat of mid-summer. Everything slows down growing... BUT not quite!

We might need to add a little bit more color. The hydrangeas are not doing as well as we'd hoped they would. Now the sprinkler system is one maybe they'll be happier. I think they are getting too much sunlight. Live and learn!

Now Jim wants to get the stone refreshed in the beds around the pool. I have to finish getting plants for the pots. So far all we have is a Hibiscus tree in one pot. Two to go!

I was right about American Idol being Kris!


ellen s. said...

oh i just love it! i love spending time in ours. don't you feel so accomplished, lol. my hyndrangeas are getting full sun and it took them a year to get going. see, lol, i could talk about it all day long...looks gorgeous

amy said...

beds look great! gardening is so fulfilling, i think, because we can see the fruits of our labors.

Sarah Hodgkinson said...

Great beds! I need to get a move on with ours. Thanks for the reminder.

Lisa Carroll said...

looks great!

Molly said...

I love your beds! They just look awesome! You are making me REALLY want to work on mine (thank goodness they are small! LOL!)!