Friday, January 9, 2009

Shadow box for the "Man Cave"

Or maybe I should say sports cave? shrine?This is all the memorabilia from the October 30, 2008 game when we placed 3rd in the costume contest. They had Halloween pucks at the charity auction tables. we have one of them, the program, our tickets, pictures of us in our seats (taken be a Edmonton fan no less), picture of us with the other contestants. All that is missing is a a 3rd place sign of some kind... We just got a bag with goodies and envie with the gas card in it... I may find and add a third place ribbon just to tell the store better.


happydays525 said...

Great idea, hope your feeling better soon!

CB said...

Love the layout - nice work! Can you believe they have a (small) ice hockey league here in Doha? There are 2 indoor ice rinks here. Believe me - they aren't ready for prime time!