Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back to Halloween!

2008 Boo-ffet Ghoulmet Feast

Some people when they are feeling blue think about Christmas or some special occasion to brighten up his or her existence. Me I go straight back to Halloween! Scare the blues away...ROFL!

Starting to plan next years party. I think I may enlist my niece to make Smilodon head dresses for Jim and I. (Saber tooth tiger heads dresses) for stone age shamans (witch doctors). It should go sort with my haunted hospital/lab/ apothecary theme... any way it is medical sort of LOL! Be totally AWESOME for the Predators!


happydays525 said...

Oooooh, fun layout!

milkcan said...

Very cool LO! Love all the visual texture!

Willa said...

You are funny! Halloween in January? (Of course, I've been planning next year's Christmas gifts since last week).

Anya will be happy to have the commission! Her email is

Jenn said...

Always fun to see your halloween layouts! Great job!

CB said...

OMG - I love your Halloween plans for next year! Can I come?