Friday, January 9, 2009


Martin Erat
The PREDATORS found their offense last night! WOO HOO! I must admit I had little faith when they were down 3 to zip. I got a glimmer of hope when Martin Erat scored that very cool rebound chip shot. Then they really started to turn it on 5 unanswered goals! AWESOME!

Jim said he has lost most of his crud, but I've found it. I'm not feeling well at all. This sucks because tomorrow is the Raven vs Titans play off game. It is supposed to be windy, rainy and COLD. Thankfully Jim's boss has graciously bought us and Phil & Leslie club seats, that means if I'm freezing we going inside. No NOSE BLEED SEATS FOR US! We just have to get rid of our seats. Don't think there will be too much problem doing that... I wonder though if my "hat" is going to be appropriate for club level....ROFL!

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Jen Martakis said...

ugh! Hope you get to feeling better Kate!