Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poison Pen

Some times I just don't want to go to the mailbox. Funny because when I was a kid I LOVED the mail especially around my birthday... not so much any more... The endless junk mail,and bills usually make it an unpleasant chore. Every once in while there is something nice even wonderful in the mail, so that keeps me going out to get the mail.

Yesterday, I got a letter from someone I didn't know. It read Connie Jones from Antioch on the envelop. I open it, read it. It proceeded to say that my husband was cheating on me and if I wanted proof to go to this email address at yahoo. OK first of all if my husband had the time to have an affair I'd be shocked and totally amazed at his time management and energy. He is either at work or with me doing something. He is in constant contact with me via the cell phone either on it or texting. Not really too worried about my husband cheating.

The address is bogus as the name is.... I figure it is one of those Internet scams
if I went to the email address they'd ask for money for the incriminating photos. It ask for my cell phone number to send the pics to it. I'm sure scam artists can use that for something...

Some people just SUCK. Keep your slime to yourself you piece of garbage scam artist. Guess I've put way too much information on my blog...that genie is out of the bottle.... What is really scary and creepy is this person has our names and address. FRIGHTENING!

Two new chores added to my day go to post office and turn letter over to fruad dept and warn yahoo of abuse of their email system.

So just be warned of this scam.


Lorrie said...

wow.... I'm not sure how I would react to a letter like that. How sick is that?

Debra Beagle said...

People are just sick and whacked!!!! This kind of scam is truly scarry.

Willa said...

How awful!!! OMG! That is incredible! How do people that do such things sleep at night.