Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm in Form Filling Out HELL!

My husband's company has been informed of a HUGE increase in premiums on health insurance because of some major claims with in the company. So it will be cheaper for us to pay for me and the children on a different health insurance policy, the jump for family was obscene! That is how I got in form filling out H-E double hockey sticks... unreal the information that they want. Our complete health history for the past 10 years and all prescriptions for the past two years... I have calls in all over to get the information. I'm not organized about health stuff because the girls and I have been pretty healthy...knock on wood... I'm not sure why they need all this from me since they will be asking our old insurance company about claims. Just another form of bureaucracy to drive a person NUTS.


Jen Martakis said...

oh gosh, how frustrating. ick. Hope you're able to get through it all soon. :(

happydays525 said...

How frustrating, sorry you have to deal with all of this craziness! Ughhh!