Sunday, November 16, 2008

Got Your Game Face On?

ME from after the last home game. I'm amazed I didn't sweat off that tattoo!

The Jags are going to gunning for the Titans in Jacksonville. GO TITANS!

Yesterday was a fairly busy day. I took Katie to get her "skinny" jeans. Reward for a GOOD report card. I bought a birthday gift for Jeanne Hepborn's BIG 40. They had some very lovely smelling and looking candles at Kohl's with matching candle plates. I bought the HOPE one with the pecan caramel scent. I thought it smelled yummy.

Courtney went off to the movies with Jesse. He is now work at the movie theater. One nice perk of that job is two free movie tickets a week and all the pop corn you can eat! I remember those days Jim use to work at the theater in Conneaut...

Jeanne's Birthday party was lovely. It was at one of my favorite restaurants, Goodness Gracious. GREAT FOOD! I didn't think to tuck my camera in my purse. DRAT! Shawn got her the most beautiful cake! I'm getting the name of the cake lady Courtney's sweet 16 is coming up fast. The price was reasonable and GORGEOUS.

Watch the end of the Vanderbuilt game against Ketucky. They won! 6 games bowl bound!

Predators took on the the LA Kings last night. Elis stood tall in goal and got Nashville the win. Hope he is as good again Monday for the Home game against San Jose snarks...I mean Sharks. the only thing good about them is they wear teal....LOL!
they'll be gunning for the Preds because they spoilt their unblemished home game win record (snicker, snicker). Preds back in 8th for the play off hunt...

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Stacey Michaud said...

Sounds like you have been busy! Enjoy Sunday football---do you do anything special for food??