Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weighing In

I don't bother to weigh myself the week before my period some times two weeks before. I'm the water weight QUEEN. No matter what I eat. Watching the sodium doesn't do a bit of good. I gain 3 to 5 pounds in water. After my period is done it vanishes. Often times I get back on the scale afterward to a at least a pound loss. It is just depressing and down heartening to weigh during the "bloat". Weighing then just leads to the "poor me's" which translates to I might as well have that slice of pizza because doing everything right doesn't matter... Self defeating....

I've lost 54 pounds! 229 to 175! Just 25 more pounds!!!

I think I'm just walking today. I've done zumba the last 3 days and a very small amount of weight training. I need to get on that again...

Courtney had a wonderful time at her ball. I need to post some of the pictures she took. I may be a tad bit bias, but I think she's the prettiest of the lot! LOL!

Jim is home again till tomorrow... He got home Sunday from San Diego. Poor man is sick. He is off to Orlando Wednesday. At least it should be warm there! I'd love a few days by the pool... Can I just leave the girls??? Guess not. I'd miss my hockey games any way...ROFL!

My puppy has severe Pica disorder... Just removed a pen cap from her mouth, before that it was paper and before that was a fuzz ball from some poor disembowled stuffed animal. Good thing she is cute! Stupid dog! She's be blond if she were human...

Well Happy Tuesday! And last, but not least, GO PREDATORS!!!! KICK SOME OILER ASS!

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