Sunday, February 3, 2008


Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday. Holy Cow! So much hype! Here's to hoping the Giants give the Pats a game.

I was very proud of myself yesterday. Courtney and I ran the Predators 5K. I ran most of the first mile. I actually ran probably 2/3 of the race. I did it in about 43 minutes. Pretty good for an old, fat, white girl. ROFL! I was toying with the idea of training for the Music City marathon. I don't think even a half marathon is in my near future. I will do some more 5Ks. I will start jogging around my neighborhood. I doubt seriously if I'd ever win a race, but running the whole away would be a victory for me! I'm surprisingly NOT too sore. My thighs are a bit tender, but aside from that I'm good. Guess I'm fitter than I thought!

Courtney ran the whole race, and then puked her guts up. I missed that sight. She really didn't train for it, and should have. She did about her normal time though from when she was doing cross country. I've got to go look up the times. They'll be posted.

The hockey game last night was exciting! Preds won! I had a splitting head ache. I thought I was getting a migraine, of course I'd run out of my purse stash of pain reliever. LONG DAY! We went shopping after the race and found Courtney some good black shoes to go with the beautiful dress we found for the Military ball. She can wear these over and over after the ball for other occasions. Too much packed into one day is probably why I was getting the head ache. Probably didn't eat enough food either or at least the right kind of food. Where do frozen chocolate dipped banana's fall on the food pyramid? LOL!

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