Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 156

198.8 UNDER 200 AGAIN. So far THRILLED with 17 Day diet.... LOL!

The Whole month of May I lost the same pounds over and over. During Courtney"s celebration of graduation I did eat too much. Just goes to show how just a few days kills a diet. 4th of July is going to be tough.... i am NOT over indulging this has been too painful!

My weight woes can be explained another way too, I am gaining muscle. It weighs more than fat. Just by my toning you can tell. My arms are more sculpted though still flabby....

I've gone from a tight size 22 to a 16.... I can get into and zip a 14 ( serious camel toe NOT to be worn in public). Next i'll be trying on my 12s!

So now focusing on fitting into my BRAND NEW Zumba clothes. I figure at 190 the pants will be wearable in public. So 8.8 pounds to go. Come one 17 Day Diet!

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