Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The WHAT Files

What is too adorable for words! DYSON!

What I'm reading So far finished the first one. Quick easy read. Great for a small escape. Not like the Twilight series where I couldn't put it down...But not bad. Great pool or beach book because if you get it wet you won't care. Fun enough to pass on to a friend. you can read it in public and not be embarrassed by the cover art!

What I blew money on and probably shouldn't have...Last trip to Michael's they had K& Company 40% off. I've been jonesing after this paper. Trying vainly NOT to buy it because I really didn't know what pictures I'd put with it. BUT IT IS GORGEOUS! SeraFeru Maybe prom pics?

What needs attention. This is in the OMG! YIKES file actually. I have to re-organize. These piles just seem to develop over night! I think I'll start with putting some of my layouts in their albums, then putting the new papers away. That should be half the battle.

What I'm proud of both my daughters! Katie and Courtney are receiving honors this month. Katie for Student of the month. Courtney is receiving an academic achievement award. We just got the notice in the mail!


Lynn said...

ummm wow! on your s/b room. and yup, the pup's too stinkin cute. and i love k&co - i've collected some. lol!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dyson is way too cute! And, I agree that the K&Co. stuff is beautiful!

Linda Rodriguez said...

Awww, what a cutie! And that is definitely some pretty paper! :)