Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More on the tornadoes

This came so darn close! Boy were we LUCKY! Courtney found out yesterday that some of her friends were not so lucky. Simone's house was totally destroyed. Thank goodness that no one in her family was hurt not even the family pets. Things can be replaced. Many other classmates were in the same straights. 100 homes destroyed!

Oh here is the big kicker... the Tornadoes all hit nice middle class family neighborhoods. No trailer parks... all had insurance, all chipped in immediately to clear roads and help each other. So the governor decided that the state wouldn't need to help Murfreesboro... Well it is NICE to know that we are self sufficient and the victims don't have to wait around for help. What burns me is the city probably could use a little to help pay for the extra police and fire crews...Move this to another city and the story would be SO different. We do live in a great city.

Jim corrected me on this and pointed out a story in the Tennessean about having Murfreesboro declared a disaster area so there will be state and federal funding...but that contradicts what was reported on a earlier news cast...


Audrey said...

so glad to hear that you guys are safe! this last batch was below us, though we had some activity in the next county over (Christian County), above Clarksville.

Saw your comment on my blog about xc meets in the fall -- yep, we froze through those too! and soccer season, which was solely during the month of March...I was just looking forward to track being warmer! LOL

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

So glad your home and family were safe!