Friday, April 24, 2009

ROTC Awards

Special award group I wasn't fast enough! they all started to move the second the year book photographer said, " Now just seniors." They moved like they were on fire...LOL!

New rank and awards. Courtney receive 13
Scholastic achievement award
At least I got a good pic of Courtney and Josie.

The lighting totally stunk for these awards! So sorry so dark for most of them. Courtney is now a Sargent Major (not sure if that is the right title...BAD mom) At least this year I got pictures last year it was worse!

When the ribbons were being given out the highest honor for many was "lets Services".
neither Jim or I knew what the heck that was. We had to get Courtney to tells after the ceremony. It just means you past to the next level...

We came home and ordered Chinese! Good reward for Courtney and parent for sitting through it...LOL! I know BAD MOM! But seriously who enjoys these things? Doesn't mean I'm not proud of Court.... maybe if we totally understood all the honors it would be a bit more interesting...maybe not...


Anonymous said...

Congrats to her!

CB said...

Didn't know Courtney was in ROTC! Is she thinking of following in her Uncle's footsteps?