Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The SpotBot inspired me. I've been deep cleaning areas all over the house. I decided to get the area in the bonus room CLEAN. So I moved part of the sectional and found stains MAJOR STAINS... moved more hot cocoa stains, coke stains....OMG! So far the SpotBot has gotten most of the stains out except for a very old red Kool aid stain I hadn't much real hope of it getting out.

Stain from under the sectional ( this should come with it's own creepy music like Jaws)

One go at it with the SpotBot. Still a bit of the stain there but who knows how long it has had to set. I've moved this sectional maybe twice in 5 years. It's a BEAST.

After I put it on for a third go later it was barely there. I really had to look hard. I'm going to put it on the spot one more time. I'm actually pretty pleased with how well it works.

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Willa said...

Cool! I'll have to tell my friend about this gadget!