Monday, December 29, 2008


Some husbands buy their wives jewelry... BUT I have the BEST kind one that listened and bought me exactly what I really wanted! He searched high and low for a double boiler. The poor guy seriously went all over the place trying to find one. To his total chagrin couldn't find one till the nice lady at Bed Bath & beyond pointed to Marshalls where there was just ONE. He ran over in the pouring rain. I mean buckets of pouring rain to get it. He also bought me my SpotBot. If you don't think that is a romantic present think again! I flip a switch and it does all the work of scrubbing when some has been messy or my little devil dogs have a Oops on the carpet. Any thing that makes cleaning easier and quicker is terribly romantic to me since I HATE house work. I've been happily rubbing out set in old stains all afternoon. All I have to do is refill the tank and empty a tank. It couldn't be easier! My hubby is a prince! Plus wait till you see my birthday present... LOL!

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denine zielinski said...

I'm all about practical gifts, so I love what you received for Christmas! Enjoy!