Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is sneaking up on me! HELP!

Here I thought I had all this time...BAM! FLASH! No more time...
To top it all off one of the girls accidentally deleted my Christmas letter... Thank goodness I put the rough draft in my blog...

I finished making Christmas gifts mostly. Oreo truffles and pen bouquets. Pen bouquets are fun and the person will never have an accidental pen thief again... LOL! Kitschy Christmas by Kate. Thanks to Debra that bought all the supplies for the pens....well I bought lunch most of it Chinese... it was truly fun making them.

I finally got Katie school photos so Christmas cards will go out tomorrow!

Jim finally got his Christmas bonus, YIPPEE! Now we can actually pay for Christmas!

Good luck everybody Christmas is just a week away!

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