Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Band Concert

Katie is the one with the sax all in black.

They were pretty darn good! The band directors are very dedicated. It was a lovely concert. Very quick! We even got back in time to watch two periods of the Preds game so even though we couldn't go we saw some of it. Preds won btw...

Tonight is Agi-sales Christmas party. Jim planned it. We bought all the favors. I love them they are Santa head ornaments Woodland and traditional. It should be a nice party, but I doubt seriously if it will match Flyte's food. That is a culinary experience extraordinaire... This is a hole in the wall Italian joint very casual. I'm still wearing my gorgeous red shoes though...LOL!

Speaking of gorgeous red... I need to get my hair done and nails... ROFL!

Have a good one!

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jill said...

We have our first band concert next week. My ds plays the sax...can't wait!