Monday, June 15, 2009

Up Dates

Jim was in Atlanta for a week almost at the start of June on business. He is now happily back. He took in a Braves game and a bit of sight seeing, all part of the social networking for this event.

Katie went to Camp YI June 6th with her two BFFs Shelby and Emily. Here's the photos from the camp CD.



Water Front!

Yeah! for tubing!

Luau Dance


all the cabin mates We picked up Katie Saturday. She had a great time as usual.

Saturday June 6th Jim and I went to UT Martin to visit courtney at Govenor's school. Talk about ONE HORSE towns! We had trouble finding a sit-down restuarant. I seriously doubt that Courtney will go to UT Martin way too small! YIKES! but she is getting the hang of what is expected of college level courses. They just got back from their trips to St Louis and Chicago. Courtney is echoing Katie's desire to go back to St Louis. (Katie's band trip went there this spring. She loved it.)

We pick up Courtney at UT Martin Friday. We're having the house watched while we are gone. There has been a series of break ins in our neighborhood. Guess it is a sign of the economy, and why you don't want low income apartments too near! The police found some of the stolen property at those apartments from our neighborhood. SAD.

Today I'm finally scrapping again! Results on tomorrows blog entry.

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