Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moon Pie Festival

Jim read about the moon pie Festival being on again in Bell Buckle, TN. It had been years since we had last gone. Katie was in the stroller LONG... so off we went... got lost a little even with two GPSs...HELPS IF YOU USE THEM! Gee who knew ...ROFL!

OMG! it was HOT! Heat index of 103 F. YIKES! Our Moonpies were melted! I got mine all over my nice white shirt.

Gangs all here again!OMG! I'm FAT again... so much for the 57 pounds..
moonpie boy!

We didn't stay long it was just too darn hot...

Oh Friday we picked up Courtney at Governor's school and guess who forgot her camera... I'm hoping they'll post all the photos on the facebook site so I can steal them!

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CB said...

Looks like a good time!