Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's day flash back...

Finally the pool seems to be totally UP and running properly.Jim enjoying the fruits of all the labor on Father's Day.

The girls and I got "fart" humor cards. You have to understand my family is stuck on 2 grade humor forever...farts are fun...ROFL! We got him the the first two seasons of Two and a Half Men and a "Charlie" style outfit. Courtney had bought, her daddy a tee-shirt from Navy Pier when she was in Chicago.

I made pancakes for breakfast. We tried out the new restaurant Limestone Grill Mexican & Seafood grill for lunch it was tasty! I made Curried shrimp & chicken with peanut sauce and rice pilaf for dinner. We ate pretty well all day EXCEPT I forgot to make a dessert!

I'll be making cookies today!


Sandie said...

The pool looks perfect. It's so hot out... we could use a pool in our yard!

Crystal Brothers said...

sounds like a fun day for your DH :)