Thursday, May 24, 2012


225!  WOOT! 2 ounces lost. Hey, a 2 ounce loss every day adds up! Any loss is victory, 3.8 pounds down is a fairly good start.

I handed these cook books to Katie for her to pick out recipes that sounded good to her.  I think she marked every page.  What I'm going to do today is pick out the ones I think sound delicious too and go shopping for the ingredients.  This will be the menu for the week.

I woke up with my throat on fire at 1 AM.  Sinus infection for sure, of course because I am flying out for nephews wedding. this should be fun, NOT.  No wonder I was so exhausted Tuesday and last night. BLAH!  Chicken noodle soup for lunch and a visit to the walk in clinic in the plans.

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