Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blueberry Panckake Morning

Any day that starts off with blueberry pancakes can't be all bad.  I should have them more often it might improve my life.

I tried out the Hungry Jack Wheat Blends pancake mix supposed to be whole grain.  They taste vaguely of my from scratch whole wheat.  I think I like mine better  might be the apple sauce I use. BUT these are FAST, just add water and the blueberries.   Best thing is I ENJOYED THEM!  You have to appreciate the small things!

So the weight I gained going to Ohio is melting off.  1.4  lbs. more to get back to where I was. If I don't blow it today I should be there by  tomorrow or Saturday.  I truly just want to be able to be less self conscious.  To be able to move and have have doing any activity without being tired.  If I get to 200 by trip time I'll be so happy.  Not killing myself to do it though.....

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