Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 258

Oops! missed yesterday..... busy making yet another Gator cake. Well, trashed the cabbage soup diet. i couldn't face another day of it. We had pizza for dinner...SHAME ON US! Oh well calorie count was still under 1600.

I'm still sore from Andi's Total body work out Thursday. She is a demon from HELL here to torture me on earth. It kicked my ass! Zumba with Jammy kicked my ass too! Back at the gym. Really glad I did it. My mood went back up. i need the endorphins!

I'm a puff monster today and yesterday period and sore muscles. Will weigh myself Sunday morning. Hopefully it will be DOWN!

Bought all light stuff for tail gating except for the Spumante and vodka.....mimosa's and Bloody Mary's football season!!! WOOT!

First band contest today for Oakland! Just took Katie and Shelby. I hope they do well! GO OAKLAND!

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