Monday, August 29, 2011

Day ????

So I forgot picture in the middle of getting ready to go to Ohio for mom's 75th birthday. Oops! That whole trip threw me! not much exercise and eating things I never eat.... I'm having a really hard time eating right, and my exercising isn't what it was. In other words I'm STRUGGLING! Courtney breaking up with her long time boyfriend, Turner. Courtney moving out and off to college. Katie's Flexible Sigmoidoscopy this past week knocked me for a loop.

I'm very worried about Katie's results. We won't know anything till the biopsy results come back. The poor kid has some nasty ulcers in her colon. We won't get the results till Wednesday. please say a few prayers for Katie.

So emotional eating has gotten me....

Getting back on track now! Off to ZUMBA!

Guess it is day 239!

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