Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sizzling Sixteen is here!

There is three really bad things about reading Janet Evanovich's books. One, people tend to give you really weird looks when you sit and laugh while reading. According to Katie the other day a boy watched me reading in the orthodontist office. I guess the kid was totally mesmerized by my chest movements while laughing to myself. I hope he enjoyed the show. i guess i could give Lula a run for the money in the cleavage department Two, Hard to read with tears filling up your eyes from laughing so hard, and your nose starts to run. Three, it makes me crave donuts, pineapple upside down cake, crisp fried chicken, and all manner of stuff I shouldn't eat! Right now I am so jonesing for a donut. My mind and taste buds are at war I just typo ed "donot" instead of donut. So on some level I know I shouldn't grab my keys and head to Donut Country. Cinnamon twists are calling my name. Oh heck guess you only live once..... It's all Janet Evanovich's fault if I keel over with heart disease..... any way that is my story and sticking to it!

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