Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let the Cleaning Begin!

Well, last night I found in my Email a message from Murfreesboro health dept. I have to have my kitchen inspected. Since I have Dyson & Cookie chances are really good that no matter how clean the house is I won't pass. I've been in some God-awful commercial kitchens. I was in one this weekend...the restaurant will remain nameless... they've been good to me but Eweee!They need to clean and degrease. Any way I've been cleaning all day! If nothing else I'll have a very clean downstairs and garage. My other refrigerator is in the garage...DIRTY!!! Courtney help by sweeping the garage with the broom and the shop vacuum. After today the garage is much cleaner than it was this morning, but it needs pressure washed. I've pitched a bunch of junk! The trash went today and one dumpster is full and the other is about half way there. OMG! we were on our way to being hoarders...YIKES!!!

I've also cleaned the boat! maybe we'll go to the lake!!! Katie & Shelby cleared it and sprayed down the rafts and floaties.

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Anonymous said...

Note to self: don't start a business that requres anything in my house to be inspected! YIKES!

Jo Beth