Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh Mother Nature! Don't mess with my Tootoo!

Isn't he adorable? LOL!

That white wet stuff made an appearance again... Thursday it was 70 Saturday it was snowing... Mother Nature make up your mind already! She really is a B*TCH. But everyone knows that or chocolate cake would be as good for you as carrots...LOL!

Because of this unwelcome white stuff school was delayed 2 hours which only means I get to transport to and from school today. I was think I should get my fat butt back to Zumba class... Oh well, I have to drop my old phone at Fed Ex any way... love to hit Hobby Lobby and Michael's too with my coupons in hand... I can go to the late zumba class...I'd better...

The bad thing about birthdays is left over cake. I have zero will-power right now. If you are what you eat I'm going to turn into marble cake... At least I'll be delicious! Isn't that better than pretty? LOL!

I'm still basking in the glow of the total destruction of the Red Wings Saturday night... 8 to 0!!! OMG! pinch me! It really was surreal to be there. To win that BIG against any team would be remarkable, But the Wings... WOW! Reading the Red Wing's boards was hysterical, I'm sorry. Reading "Pekka is in goal we'll score for sure" made me laugh.... BUT before I get too high one game a season does not make Preds are still 1 point back from 8th. Tomorrows game against the Oilers is a big one win and they are in 8th maybe 7th depending on other games. Good reason to be hopeful. Oilers captain got a horrible eye injury Saturday and won't be playing. Hopefully he'll be OK. One of grossest injuries I've ever seen on the ice it was scary. Even in the win the Oilers didn't look all that good... Guess we will see Tuesday!


Jen Martakis said...

Deliciousness is much better than prettiness. ;)

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Oh yeah - we had b-day cupcakes left over - tempting, tempting!! How do you like the Zumba classes?? My gym has them too, but haven't tried them yet.