Monday, February 2, 2009


After the GORGEOUS spring like day yesterday (near 70's) the weather has turned. Not for the better I'm afraid. It is wet, cold, and gray outside...YUCK! that totally gross mix of rain & snow, sleet. They should have made that word a 4 letter one. Bleak is the best way to describe this weather. No pretty snow lined limbs to take pictures of, no balls to throw at people, nothing to slide on.... Just mud and grayness. One really bad thing about Tennessee winters it's one long, dark, wet 40 degree day with a few teases of spring thrown in to make you hope. Can't wait till SPRING! There will be butterflies again!


Audrey said...

what a lovely picture...and I'm with you on wishing spring would show up. After this past week, especially, I'm ready for some new leaves to cover up all our nasty broken limbs, so that our trees don't look quite so awful!

Linda Rodriguez said...

Ugh...beautiful picture, but it does sound like a dreary day! We've had bouts of spring-like weather here down South, but these cold fronts keep blowing in every few days. Our allergies are all in an uproar, lol. Here's to Spring!