Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching up

These are going to be the combination for Courtney's sweet 16 cake but in kiwi green and Mediterranean blue

I've been so caught up in Facebook I've been neglecting my blog. Something very seductive about re-visiting your past old friends that you haven't seen in years. Some I hadn't seen in over 20 years or very close to that number. Old high school friends or friemnies... all the old bad feelings or even good feelings get white washed over 20 years. Now we're all mom's and dad's the things we found so important don't seem that way any more... Truthfully looking back at Kathleen is a hoot! She seems to be a whole different person than the Kate of today. She was fairly wild, and truly didn't think things through much before doing if even at all. She'd actually be a pretty good character in a book... Yup, facebook is a seductive place!

I found the perfect cake decorating course! I can't wait! Sign ups aren't till April. Courtney is going to do it with her old mom. She got all the recommendation to be in Culinary arts II. She will be cake decorating in that course this will just give her a leg up. Who knows maybe Katie will want to do it too... That would be fun!

Courtney got all her paper work in the mail for Governor's school at University of Tennessee at Martin. They are taking some major field trips to Chicago and St Louis. This should be such good learning experience! Plus I'm sure it will be FUN!

I still have this lingering sinus infection. It has really put a cramp in my style. I've got two birthdays to get planned, and I'm so far behind! Just got the cake ordered for one and the cleaning crew. A lot more to do! Hey Courtney will only turn 16 once! better get back to work!


Lisa said...

facebook is indeed addictive! lol!

CB said...

The cakes are gorgeous! Andy had been on Facebook but I haven't gone there... yet.

Anonymous said...

i am with you on facebook!
the cakes are just amazing!