Saturday, April 28, 2007

Way TOooooo Early

I woke this morning after having a nightmare that my daughter had been kidnapped. Guess I watched the Transporter II one time too many... 4:30 AM and WIDE awake no more sleep for me. It totally sucks because I'm tired. I shouldn't have had Mexican last night too I guess...

Since my mid thirties once I wake up after falling asleep I have serious trouble going back to sleep unless I'm sick. Getting that through my husbands head was hard. I finally taught him if I'm sleeping let me sleep because you aren't getting any if you awake up me up. That little tid bit probably falls under TMI, Sorry!

Any way it totally sucks not being able to just go back to sleep. I'll be groggy and grumpy the rest of the day, on top of that my monthly visitor has come to call. My body I guess wasn't aching enough from working out I needed cramps too! BUT there is good news. These are the BEST things Relax Wraps. they are worth their weight in gold! they are wraps filled with organic materials like rice and beans. You can freeze them or heat them. I prefer heat ( 2 1/2 minutes in the microwave stays hot/warm about an hour) you just wrap the area that hurts! 1-866-222-4442. They smell like heaven too! aroma therapy herbs. The person that invented these is pure genius! You just store them in a one of those BIG ziplock bags and they stay good for at least a year. I'm in NO WAY connected to this company I just LOVE them. I bought mine at OpryMills in Nashville. Any way the Wraps are the brightest thing in my day so far. Now I just need the perfect sleep aid!

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