Friday, April 27, 2007


I think I must be the worlds worst blogger because it was a five minute struggle to get into my own freaking blog! Of course no one has even peeked at my blog. I doubt anyone knows it exists or really cares. I'm not even sure I care. So far I'm really not seeing the BIG attraction in getting on line and typing my thoughts down so any one can see them. I've read a few blogs and most weren't worth my time unless they were scrapbook related. Some were down right stupid. Sorry for the negative view, but I came on to be entertained. Isn't that why everyone looks at Blogs. I'm doing it so I can show case my scrapbook stuff. Most people won't be too entertained but hopefully my fellow scrappers will be. I hope some will get my twisted sence of humor or at least like my layout ideas. BUT I have to learn to use this medium first and at this point aside from the typing I'm failing miserably. Off to kick the hell out of the learning curve! do they make training wheels for blogs?

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Jan said...

Kate, hang in there! I also found it really frustrating to set up my blog, come up with a name and a banner, and all the rest. I would love to see your scrapbooking stuff, so please persist! At least if it turns out that blogging is not the thing for you, well, you can at least say you gave it a try.